Flux for Retailers

One API. Powerful insights and contact-free customer experiences.

One API. Powerful insights.

Powered by the Flux API

Use Flux insights to understand your customers' shopping habits so that you can give them more of what they love. Have full confidence in working with an API platform that is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.

  • Create a single customer view across all online and offline transactions
  • Understand frequency, retention, and other key metrics across all pay-points
  • Use insights to improve your services for key customers

Access to the UK's most popular banking apps

The Flux API connects your business to the UK’s major banks, giving you the power to learn more about your customers and offering an entirely new way to re-engage them.

  • Supercharge your loyalty programme by ensuring your best customers always receive their rewards
  • Send tailored marketing offers to key segments without the need for a code or coupon
  • More than 2.5 million receipts delivered growing 100x in the past eighteen months
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Customers love digital receipts

Flux links directly to a customer's banking app so they can pay with their card and go. No more paper waste. A truly contactless transaction.

Amazing, they keep growing and growing, there were just 3 retailers when I joined, now they've got 13 and they've just announced Papa John's too! I use it with Starling with ease. I'm a big supporter of Flux and I'm really excited about their future — it's definitely time to digitse receipts, that's for sure.


Using Flux in conjunction with my Monzo account I have been very impressed with the speed and efficiency of transactions showing a detailed receipt without the need for unnecessary amounts of paper waste! The customer service is always top notch and although I have never had any problems, I have no doubt they would be quickly rectified should the situation ever arises.

An Weatheburn

Great service you don't even realise what it's doing, it's that simple it automatically attaches receipts has saved me many times I could not find the receipt but I was able to see it in the Monzo app life saver.

Kieran Loe

Flux is the future of e-banking. More retailers need to adopt this tech!


Start sending your own digital receipts today

Flux has built an interactive tool which can turn your real transaction data into preview receipts in a matter of minutes. All the benefits of Flux, but in a DIY package.

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