Flux for Banks

Drive customer engagement in your mobile app

The Flux API lets you enrich your transaction feeds with item-level data and receipt functionality like returns and expenses management. One bank partner saw a 63% increase in app engagement after working with Flux.

Create customer engagement in your mobile app

Personalised cashback offers

Run exclusive offers with some of the country’s largest merchants

Drive increased app engagement and a new revenue stream by collaborating with top merchants on instant cashback offers.

Offer personalised rewards based on your customers’ real purchase behaviour

Instant cashback managed by Flux - no need to wait for a voucher to clear

Revenue share for every redemption

Card linked loyalty

Ensure yours is the only card your customers use

Flux lets customers connect their payment card to major retailer loyalty programmes. This means they never miss out on a reward and you never miss out on a transaction.

Enable card-linked loyalty

Instant digital receipts

Receipt level data designed for your app

Flux receipt in banking app